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"World Class, Quality Drilling Rigs"

You get regular drilling rigs, and then you get Bohrmeister drilling rigs! We specialise in the custom design, manufacture and supply of quality hydraulic exploration drilling rigs, ‘hands free’ rod handling equipment, and drilling equipment in South Africa. If you appreciate quality, safety and reliability in a drilling rig – you’ve come to the right website!

Our Drilling Rigs and Drilling Equipment

Our Bohrmeister range of drilling equipment is robust and tough, able to withstand the harshest of climates and work in even the most remote parts of Africa. Our drilling rigs and drilling equipment are German made, with world class workmanship. Have a look at our drilling equipment here:

A Bit About Bohrmeister

Our innovative Bohrmeister drilling rig designs and continuous improvements ensure development of world class technologically advanced drilling equipment. Our drilling rigs offer significant advantages over other makes, and have a reputation for being tough as nails! That isn’t giving you too much information, so click on the button below to find out more!

Bohrmeister® offers the industry a complete portfolio of drilling equipment which include:

Drill Rigs

(Various Configurations)

Crawler Carriers

(Various Configurations)
Bohrmeister Crawler Carriers

Rod Handlers

(Various Configurations)
Bormeister Break out Clamps "hand Free"


Bohrmeister Pitters & Augers (Single Head or Dual Head)

Pitters for Tree Planting

From the Bohrmeister Blog

Looking for drilling rig news and information from around the world? Our Bohrmeister blog has a wealth of quality drilling industry information for your reading pleasure. Keep checking in on a regular basis for our latest drilling articles!