Crawler Carrier Types and Applications

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A crawler carrier is a manual-driven or remote-controlled vehicle used in the drilling industry to transport drilling equipment, personnel and drilling supplies to industrial drilling locations. Some areas are simply impossible to reach with trucks and other four-wheeled vehicles; therefore, crawler carriers are fitted with tracks much like tanks to navigate difficult terrains. Below are three types of crawler carriers and their applications…

Drilling Equipment Carriers

Crawler carriers are often tasked with the heavy lifting that goes into drilling difficult terrains. This includes the transportation of large, weighty items such as the drilling rod and the compressor. Nowadays, drilling equipment manufacturers are able to mount entire drilling rigs onto crawler carriers! Most are fitted with hydraulic stabiliser arms that can extend and retract in order to stabilise the crawler carrier on uneven surfaces.

Fuel and Water Service Carriers

Another popular use for crawler carriers is the transportation of resources such as generator fuel and water used in the industrial drilling process. Massive water and fuel tanks can be mounted to the crawler carrier (depending on client specifications) and the vehicle can be remotely driven to wherever the drilling resources are needed should the terrain be dangerous to navigate in person.

Drilling Personnel Carriers

Drilling an area that is impossible to access via foot or rubber-wheeled vehicle? If your drilling rig is not remote-controlled, you’ll need to get your drilling workers to the site to perform the drilling process. Personnel crawler carriers are fitted with transportation capsules and seating for the transportation of workers through inhospitable terrains.

Crawler Carriers in KwaZulu-Natal

Bohrmeister has extensive experience in the manufacture of custom drilling rigs and drilling equipment in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, as well as far-flung destinations across the African continent. We are able to fabricate crawler carriers exactly to client specification, using German-engineered materials that are made to last! Get in touch with Bohrmeister for more information.