underground drilling rig outside with car in background
Underground Drilling Rigs: How They Work
November 8, 2017
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Industrial Drilling in 2018
December 1, 2017

Industrial drilling is a particularly dangerous undertaking, with so many moving parts that can remove fingers, break bones and even cause death.

The most dangerous position to be in during the drilling process is where the drilling rod has to be lifted, moved, and repositioned. Up until recently, this has been a manual process that often causes injuries.

Now, with digital automation technology, automated or hands free rod handlers are a reality – removing the worker from the danger zone during industrial drilling.


Our Bohrmeister hands free rod handlers are manufactured with versatility in mind. They are effortlessly integrated with any and all makes of drilling rigs, for all drilling rig applications.

From 20m to 2000m capacity, and from 3m to 9m rod lengths, our hands free rod handlers are designed to be versatile, while ensuring the safety of drilling workers.

The configuration of our rod handlers is either Cup-Clamp or V-Trough, and they can be mounted alongside the rig, operate as a free-standing unit, onto a trailer, onto the rod carrier, or onto the rod sloop.

How They Work

While different automated rod handlers will operate according to their specific designs and processes, our hands free rod handler works on a roto-magazine system of drilling rod loading.

Drilling rods are loaded into a rotating magazine with an 18-rod capacity. An automated arm grabs a drilling rod and positions it at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees.

This rod handling system is suitable for all surface drilling applications, greatly improves productivity by saving rod loading time, drastically reduces operator fatigue, and can be disassembled and shipped in a 20-foot container.

Where to Find Them

Our Bohrmeister drilling rigs and drilling equipment are manufactured with German parts and precision. This ensures a world-class, rugged product that is able to take whatever your drilling environment can throw at it. For more information on our innovative hands free rod handlers, get in touch with Bohrmeister right here!