Our Bohrmeister Drilling Equipment

Drilling Operations in Africa

Below you will find a range of drilling equipment and drilling accessories custom manufactured by Bohrmeister. We take pride in every single fabrication job we undertake, and we are constantly looking to improve our processes. If you’re looking for drilling rigs, crawler carriers, rod handlers, roto-magazines, drilling equipment or pitters and augers in South Africa – you’ve come to the right page. Ensure that your next drilling operations have a Bohrmeister drilling rig on site – you won’t be sorry! Have a look at what drilling equipment we can supply, and click on the link at the foot of this page for a free quotation…

Drill Rigs (Truck, Track, Trailer or Tractor Carrier)

  • RC & DTH Rigs
  • Directional Drilling Rigs
  • Diamond Core Rigs
  • Sonic Rigs
  • Borehole Rigs
  • Pole Hole Rigs
  • Blast Rigs
  • Dewatering Rigs
  • Underground Rigs

Crawler Carriers

  • Rod Carriers
  • Compressor Carriers
  • Utility Carriers
  • Fuel & Water Service Carrier
  • Personnel Carriers

Rod Handlers & Roto Magazines “Hands Free”


  • Wireless Track Drive Control Kits
  • Break Out Clamps “Hands Free”
  • Button Bit Sharpeners
  • Winches: 8-15T Hoist, 1-2T Wireline & 0.5-1T Utility
  • Heavy Duty Bolt on Outriggers with swivel foot & integrated load holding valve

Pitters & Augers (Single Head or Dual Head)

  • Bell 3W Mounted
  • TLB Mounted
  • Tractor Mounted
  • Excavator Mounted