When Would You Use a Blast Rig?

Looking for Drilling Equipment?
April 10, 2018

Blast rigs, also known as blast-hole rigs, fill an important role in industrial drilling – they aid in reaching resources in unfriendly landscapes, making them useful to both the mining and construction industries. Bohrmeister’s blast rigs are custom designed in various formats in order to match any of your drilling equipment needs. These blast rigs are designed to be suitable for construction and heavy-duty purposes, built for durability even on the roughest terrain.

Blast Hole Drilling Explained

The meticulous process of using blast rigs involves drilling a hole into the rock surface, then packing the subsequent hole with explosives and detonating them. The purpose of blast hole rigs is to strategically utilise the explosives such that deep cracks are rent open in the surrounding rock. The blasted rock is therefore deteriorated enough to conduct further drilling for the purpose of mining or to clear the way for a civil engineering project. All your drilling equipment requirements can be met by Bohrmeister!

Are Blast Rigs Used In My Industry?

Blast rigs are suitable for a range of activities in both the mining and civil engineering and construction sectors. When it comes to mining, blast hole rigs are used to gain access to seams of coal and other minerals. Quarries make use of this drilling equipment to produce gravel in particular sizes. The civil engineering and construction industries utilise the variety of drill bits and sizes of explosives to their advantage. Blast rigs aid in creating trenches for pipe installation, forging tunnels through mountainous terrain and of course, flattening land for construction projects. The versatility of these rigs makes them useful to a wide variety of individuals across industry.

Which Blast Rig is Right For My Project?

Bohrmeister custom design and manufacture blast hole rigs in various formats so as to perfectly match your drilling equipment needs. All of our drill rigs can be purchased in truck, trailer, track or tractor carrier variations. To take a closer look at our downloadable product specifications, click here!

Bohrmeister has the blast rigs and drilling equipment that you need. Our blast rigs are paramount to multiple industries, and we can’t wait to enable you to carry out your project effectively. We can be contacted here to answer any questions you may have about our robust drilling solutions!