Looking for Drilling Equipment?

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January 29, 2018
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Bohrmeister specialises in custom design and manufacture of a wide range of drilling equipment and accessories. From rigs to crawler carriers, roto-magazines to drilling equipment, or pitters and augers, Bohrmeister has the drilling solutions for you. We have put together some information just for you, to inform you on our drilling equipment and how it stands out from the crowd.

Drill Rigs

Whether you need to drill a water well, oil well or natural gas extraction well, you’ll need an oil rig suited to your project’s needs. Our drill rigs come in truck, track, trailer or tractor carrier formats, allowing you to customise your drilling equipment, even in the most remote locations. From Diamond Core Rigs to Dewatering Rigs, Bohrmeister can provide you with the perfect drill rig setup.

Crawler Carriers

Crawler carriers are rubber-tracked machines primarily tasked with moving drilling equipment, personnel and drilling supplies to the project sites. Most of our crawler carriers are fitted with hydraulic stabiliser arms to assist in reaching unfriendly, remote locations. Bohrmeister offers a wide range of crawler carriers, including fuel and water service carriers for transporting resources, personnel carriers for transporting workers to hard-to-reach locations, and drilling equipment carriers for transporting extremely heavy components such as compressors and drilling rods.

Our crawler carriers are ideal for getting your drilling equipment to your site safely and efficiently.

Rod Handlers and Roto-Magazines

Rod Handler systems are tasked with lifting drill rods safely and reliably. Our ‘hands free’ rod handlers are highly adaptable to any make of rig. Rod handlers minimise safety risks without hindering progress: they remove the need for trestles, and suspended energy when rods are lifted and lowered. We offer two types of rod handlers: Rod Clamp type for Top Head Drive Drill Rigs and V-Trough type for Spindle Head Coring Rigs (used in conjunction with a horizontal Roto-Magazine).


Sometimes, one or two extras are required to get the job done smoothly. Bohrmeister offers accessories in conjunction with our drilling equipment, to augment your drilling solutions. Wireless Track Drive Control Kits, Break Out Clamps (‘hands free’), Button Bit Sharpeners, Winches, and Heavy-Duty Bolt-on Outriggers are all available from Bohrmeister!


Our drilling solutions are custom designed and manufactured specifically with the African terrain in mind. Every single fabrication job that we undertake is done with pride, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and timeous project completion. For a closer look at what we have to offer you, click here to be directed to the Bohrmeister products page!