Directional Drilling Equipment Basics

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August 14, 2017
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Directional drilling, otherwise known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD for short), is the act of drilling in a non-vertical trajectory. There are four main types of directional drilling techniques used today: oilfield directional drilling, utility installation directional drilling, directional boring, and surface in seam – used in coal bed methane extraction.

There are a number of common components that make up directional drilling rigs, however there are many formats these directional drilling components can be assembled in. Bohrmeister takes a look at four components all directional drilling rigs feature, how each contributes to the directional drilling process, and where you can procure directional drilling equipment in South Africa…

Drilling Rig Carrier

The drilling rig carrier is the actual device that supports and/or transports the machinery. For long-term drilling projects, a skid mount is perfect. Should your directional drilling take you to remote locations, away from tar roads, directional drilling rigs can be mounted to either truck or track mounts for transportation and manoeuvrability of the rig.

Directional Drilling Mast

The mast is the ‘long part’ that most people point out when seeing drilling rigs. Like most drilling rigs, directional drilling rigs feature a heavy-duty mast that comes in various lengths. Directional drilling masts are able to angle between 45 and 90-degrees (depending on the angle needed). Smaller directional drilling projects require shorter masts, while serious jobs require masts that often extend further than 12 metres in length!

Drilling Bit

The drilling bit is arguably one of the most important parts of the entire directional drilling process. The drill head rotates at different speeds, most rigs allowing between 0 and 50 revolutions per minutes, and is the directional drilling equipment that takes the brunt of the wear and tear.

Drilling Rig Motor

The power source of the directional drilling rig IS the most important component, as this drives the directional drilling equipment that actually does the drilling! Most drilling rigs utilise electrical power, however some drilling rig suppliers are able to offer optional diesel or petrol-powered engines that can power the drilling rig should there be limited or zero access to electrical power.

Directional Drilling Equipment in South Africa

The Bohrmeister range of industrial drilling rigs, including custom-made directional drilling equipment, are known for their rugged durability and reliability in some of the harshest environments known to man. See our range of drilling equipment here, and click here for a sheet detailing the specifications and capabilities of our Bohrmeister directional drilling rig. For any industrial drilling questions, please get in touch with us here!